Samo Health Inc is on a mission to empower every individual to achieve his or her fitness goals through active nutrition. We believe uniqueness is a fundamental characteristic of the human condition—and that your body type, workout activity, and fitness goals are all personal to you.

We're all active in different ways, whether we frequent elite cycling studios or prefer an off-path adventure. But at Samo Health Inc, we believe in the all of the ways of being active and recognize the mental and physical benefits it provides us. We also understand fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. And while all other aspects of the wellness space had been modernized—workouts, clothes, and equipment—there's still no clarity and simplicity when it comes to active nutrition.

In starting Samo Health Inc, we surveyed the state of supplements and noticed fitness enthusiasts are stuck with less than ideal options. On one hand, you have generic powders tailored for body builders and made from sketchy ingredients, that feel completely isolating from someone who likes to run outside or take barre classes. The other option is a high-end smoothie bar. They may have the superfood ingredients we all love, but are often inconvenient to get to, with just as confusing ingredient combinations that are highly overpriced. Nothing out there is optimized to help us reach our particular, individual fitness goals and nutrition requirements. So we wanted to streamline the process—providing each user with personalized active nutrition in beautifully designed, single-serve packets that are delivered monthly to your doorstep.

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